We build state of the art custom software for demanding customers.

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We provide tailor service to all who need to achieve software related  goals on their companies path to success. We study the business and offer a solution that helps to take The Next Step.

Information Security

We have experience in managing security of various hosted governmental services (eHealth, Digital Prescription) which need various ISKE (BSI) level certifications. Also we have track record in managing security for Telco services, and we have offered services to state institutions demanding various ISKE levels. We have participated in projects as consultants on various aspects of CIIP. Our team members have been responsible for all areas of Information Security, Policy making, implementation and governance on state and corporate level. We have skilled engineers for developing and adopting security architecture design and maintenance, application development support, legal aspects and network security in entirety.


Data analytics

In modern world there is usually much more data available than one can effectively process. So we highlight the most important bits, that help You make decisions how to run Your business better. We visualize them in correlation with other relevant data so You can get all in one glance.

Software design

Through knowledge gained during business analysis we design the software to tailor fit your needs. Software can look good and even be usable but if it is lacking functionality and doesn’t take into account the environment where You operate and evolve it doesn’t solve your problems. We have achieved tailor fit both hardware and software.


It’s all about UI/UX. You can have a great functionality that should help to solve all Your problems but if it’s not user friendly, fast and logical it doesn’t help You. We have built business software that is in use on 3 continents and doesn’t require any additional training to start using.

Business analysis

We never ask a client what they want. We ask what is the problem they want to solve and then study it in detail. We don’t expect a client to know a IT solution for their problems, we expect You to know your business and describe us what problems need to disappear in order for you to succeed.


Our team is made of highly qualified professionals focused on delivering.

Tulani Bulford


Founder of the company he brings experience in business building on global level. Skilled negotiator with deep knowledge of telecoms and IT business.


Ott Heidmets


Our CEO and the person who brings us together under Eximious banner. Team builder, business analyst and sales enthusiast. Makes sure that things that are promised to clients become reality.


Martin Leppik


Our very own software Wizard (read CTO for software). Literally speaking. When you imagine UI or UX that you’re customers can actually understand regardless of cultural background or computer skills he is the one that makes it possible. Software quality is measured by how easy it is to use and Martin makes it understandable to everybody.

Who we have worked with

Our team grew out from a cutting edge GPS tracking service Navirec that is today used on three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia as the most user friendly tracking service in the world. Our collective memory has been involved also in many other well known IT companies like Skype, new fintech companies, big mobile operators, e- Estonia, Wärtsila and Ericsson. Our trademarks have always been user friendliness, reliability and high security. A selection of different industries and companies our team members have been involved in can be found below:

Fintech and communication solutions
Skype, Creditstar Group LLC, Tawexvise Group, Nokia Networks, Ericsson

Public entities
Estonian eGovernment solution, Estonian tax and customs board etc, State of Kosovo.


We are the best. Our developers are highly skilled people with a drive to execute. Our Team Leads are committed to help the developers to do just that. Execute.


Business analysis


Software design




Data analytics


Telliskivi 60A, 10412, Tallinn, Estonia, eximious@eximious.eu
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